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Led Explosion -proof street light

Remote remote control search lights

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Applicable to all kinds of engineering lighting vehicles, patrol cars, accident repair vehicles and other work at night need high-altitude operations and wilderness and other workplaces on all-round, multi-angle, long-distance inspection, tracking, search, rescue and operations, construction Lighting needs.


1. Spotlight effect is good, the illumination brightness is high, the illumination distance is up to 1200 meters. And to achieve the hot and cold can start in an instant light.


2. When using 12 / 24V (optional voltage) car or ship power, the lamp has an over-protection voltage point, which can effectively protect the car battery due to over discharge.

3. The use of imported high hardness materials, with a high resistance to strong collision, shock and shock resistance. Light weight, unique folding structure, so that the lamp can drive at high speed 90 degrees lying down the lamp, effectively reduce the wind resistance.

4. Lamp chassis with a strong suction magnet, the lamp can be in the car, the ship moving lighting, imported bullet-proof plastic material shell can withstand strong impact, compact structure designed to ensure that the lamp in high frequency vibration or rainstorm environment are Can be used normally.

5. The use of wireless remote control in the range of 30 meters to control the opening and closing of lighting and adjust the lighting angle of the lamp.


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