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LED Explosion -proof flood light

Emergency low roof light

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Product Description

Applicable places

This product is widely used in factories, freight yard, warehouses, substations and other places as emergency lighting

Is the ideal alternative to ordinary safety lights;

Performance characteristics

1.Lamp shell with imported materials, high transmittance, anti-strong impact; control device shell with high quality steel bending

2.The use of solid and efficient LED light source, environmental protection and energy saving, long life, up to 100,000 hours of life.

3. The use of scientific cooling design, to ensure long-term normal work. The lamp can adjust the irradiation angle to achieve the best lighting. Equipped with electronic voltage regulator, wide voltage operation.

4.Lamp built-in high-energy memoryless lithium battery and control panel, when the power is turned off to switch to emergency;

5.Multiple control modes. Can achieve normal lighting and accident lighting dual-use, you can choose to switch automatically or manually switch, you can only use the accident lighting.

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage: AC / DC 12V ~ 220V 50HZ

Rated power: 5 × 1W

Suitable light source: LED

Case protection: IP65

Corrosion grade: WF2

Introduced cable: Φ6mm ~ Φ8mm

Dimensions: Φ228mm × 250mmm × 55mmm

Total weight: 2kg




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