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LED Explosion -proof flood light

dome light

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Product Description

Applicable places

Applicable to rail cars, locomotives, train cars, subway cars, cable trench, roadway, subway platform, corridors, airport boundaries and other needs of waterproof, shock lighting;

Performance characteristics

1.Ultra wide operating voltage, to ensure that the harsh voltage fluctuations in the environment to provide normal and stable lighting;

2.High-power high-power LED light source, accurate light distribution design, with 99.99 high-purity reflective cup and light transmission rate of up to 93% of imported PC transparent parts, lighting efficiency of up to 79%, higher than the industry level of 40% To ensure that the lamp instant cold start and hot start, high-quality light distribution design and anti-glare design, effectively avoid the staff of visual fatigue;

3.Integrated aluminum alloy structure, the outer surface of the high temperature spray treatment to ensure that the lamps in the harsh environment does not corrode, no rust, tight structure design, product light, good impact resistance, vibration, shock and other environments reliable and stable jobs;

4.Has a good electromagnetic compatibility, not on a variety of electrical appliances, transmission network caused any interference;

5.Embedded, ceiling and sidewall and other installation methods to meet the needs of a variety of lighting environment installation

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage: AC / DC 12V ~ 220V 50HZ

Rated power: 4 × 1W

Suitable light source: LED

Case protection: IP65

Corrosion grade: WF2

Insulation class: I

Dimensions: Φ333mm × 135mmm × 56mmm

Total weight: 1kg



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