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Explosion-proof signal lamp

Explosion-proof exit light 2*3W chemical plant

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Product Description


[Applicable scope]

It is widely used in  oil drilling, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry and other dangerous environment and Marine oil platform, oil tankers and other places for general illumination lighting and assignments;

It is applicable for energy-saving reform projects and locations where are difficult to overhaul or    replace;

It is applicable for damp locations where have high protection requirements.

It is applicable for zone 1 and zone 2 in explosive gas atmosphere;

It is applicable for explosive gas atmosphere CAT. ⅡA ,ⅡB andⅡC ;

It is applicable for temperature groups T1-T6.


Performance characteristics

1. The lamps and lanterns for explosion protection type flameproof. Suitable for gas explosion dangerous places lighting use.

2. Shell material with high tensile strength of aluminum alloy. Lamps and lanterns shell surface polyester powder coating, good corrosion resistance performance.

3. Lamps and lanterns monolithic structure. Contains free maintenance rechargeable batteries, inverter, ect. The normal use of the control device of automatic control, and can automatic emergency switch.

4. LED display, high brightness, low consumption, long service life.

5. Plane toughened glass transparent plate, a variety of guide sign design can choose.

6. Exposed fasteners are stainless steel.

7. Hanger type, suction wall installation. Lamps and lanterns factory installed mouth usually already equipped with wire for users to install. It also can avoid the user's improper installation and the impact of the lamp's explosion-proof, protective function

 [technology parameters] 

Type: GMBH

Ex-mark: ExedⅡBT6/DIP A20 TA,T6

Input Voltage: AC110V 50Hz

IP Grade :   IP65

Corrosion-proof Grade:WF2

Cable Entry: G3/4" in general, suitable for cables of Φ10mm~Φ14mm

Terminal block: wires≤2.5mm²

Installation :Ceiling/Pendant/Wall30°

Light Source:LED light source

Power dissipation:<5W

Net Weight:3kg


[Quality Assurance]

This product is strictly taken quality control according to the standard of IS9001: 2000 international quality management system and is designed and produced in accordance with the national new explosion-proof criteria. Our company shall give free services and repairs to this product under any trouble if the product is in normal use within three years after the purchase


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