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Explosion-proof energy-saving lamp

The reaction kettle lamps and lanterns 7W

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Product Description


[Product Features]

The shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy casting forming, surface of high voltage electrostatic plastic spraying;

High anti-explosion grade, good waterproof and dustproof performance.;

Highlighting energy-efficient LED light source is adopted with the advantages of environment protection, low energy consumption, long life and maintenance free;

Targeting at characteristics of the chemical reaction vessel in the hazardous environment, the magnetic control switch is specially designed.

The shell is shaped up by adopting aluminums alloy in high pressure casting. The surface gets shot blasting, and obtains spraying plastics in static electricity, which has high explosive-proof grade and light and handy shape;

Internally installed the switch, Users doesn’t need to be equipped with special explosion-proof lighting switch;

Possess with two control modes, namely, relay switch-off and touch switch-off. The time delay can be customized according to users’ requirements;

According to different operation places, the lamp can also be used as the lighting in a small range, which is flexible; the internal circuit is equipped with short circuit protection.

It has excellent sealing structure design, waterproof and dustproof performance is good.

Steel pipe or cable wiring can be.

[technology parameters] 

Type: BAK51

Ex-mark: Exd II BT6

Rated Voltage: AC36/110/220V 50Hz

IP Grade :   IP65

Corrosion-proof Grade:WF2

Light Source:LED light source

Rated Power:≤7

Time delay: 5min, 10min

Cable Entry: G1/2"

Outer diameter of cable diameter :Φ6mm~Φ10mm

Net Weight:1kg


[Quality Assurance]

This product is strictly taken quality control according to the standard of IS9001: 2000 international quality management system and is designed and produced in accordance with the national new explosion-proof criteria. Our company shall give free services and repairs to this product under any trouble if the product is in normal use within three years after the purchase


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