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Led Explosion -proof street light

Glare search work lights

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Scope of application: All kinds of on-site operations such as military, railway, electric power, public security and petrochemical industries, emergency repairing and abnormal situation handling, etc. Provide mobile lighting for night work and other work sites with high brightness, wide range and long distance


1.The use of special gas discharge light source, high luminous efficiency, luminous flux ≥ 3200LM, is five times the same power halogen bulbs, illumination is 100W halogen bulbs 5 times the lamp life of 1000 hours, 10 times the ordinary halogen bulbs, continuous discharge time More than 12 hours, under the same brightness index, than the halogen lamp power consumption savings of 85%, and low calorific value.

2. High-energy non-memory battery can be charged at any time, a charge within six months after the storage capacity of not less than 85% of full capacity, with over-discharge protection circuit, reliable protection and extend battery life.

3.lamp holder can be fixed on the lamp body or other support, can also be easily removed using hand-held, but also fixed in the air-lift rack 1.2-3 meters height adjustment within the scope of any lift, light body optional bottom Easy-to-move wheels and rail wheels for easy lamp and light rail movement.

  4 sealed design, can work in heavy rain environment, a special alloy shell can withstand strong impact and impact.


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