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Led Explosion -proof street light

Full automatic lift work lights

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Scope: railway, electricity, public security, oil, metallurgy, petrochemical enterprises and other large-scale construction operations, accident repair, rescue and other places for mobile lighting.


1. Lamp plate consists of two 400W energy efficient lamp, optional flood light head or spotlight (floodlight for a large area of exposure, condenser for long-range exposure); according to the needs of the lamp on the lamp, A direction of lighting or two lights to the same direction of the lighting, but also can be done up and down each lamp up and down, left and right angle adjustment rotation to achieve 360 ° full range of lighting; spotlight horizontal direction can be long-distance lighting, the overall lighting distance, lighting brightness High, long lamp life


2. The lamp panel adopts the pneumatic telescopic cylinder as the lifting adjustment mode, the maximum rising height is 4.5 meters; the upper and lower turning lamp can adjust the beam irradiation angle, the light coverage radius reaches 100 meters.


3. The use of electric or manual, air pump can quickly control the lifting and lowering of the telescopic cylinder; through the wireless remote control in the range of 30 meters, respectively, control the opening and closing of each lamp.

4. The narrow place can be reliably fixed; lamps and lanterns, cylinders and generators for the overall structure, the bottom of the generator unit equipped with a caster and optional rail wheel can be installed in the potholes uneven road and rail.

5. The overall use of a variety of high-quality metal materials, compact structure, stable performance, to ensure that in a variety of harsh environments and climatic conditions under normal work, rain, water, wind level 8.



6. If the standard configuration of this product can not meet the needs of customers, our company can be in the lamp plate number, power, floodlight or condenser type, the height of the expansion cylinder and the generator with the customer requirements to do To adjust to meet the individual needs of customers.


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