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Led Explosion -proof street light

Portable lift work lights

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Scope: railway, electricity, public security, oil, metallurgy, petrochemical enterprises and other large-scale construction operations, accident repair, rescue and other places for mobile lighting.


1. The lamp panel is made up of two 500W Philips energy efficient lamp caps. Each lamp holder can be used up and down, Philips bulb long life.


2. Use two sections of the extension rod as the lifting adjustment mode, the maximum height of 2.8 meters; up and down the lamp can adjust the beam irradiation angle, the light coverage radius of 35-55 meters.


3. The use of electric or manual, air pump can quickly control the lifting and lowering of the telescopic cylinder; through the wireless remote control in the range of 30 meters, respectively, control the opening and closing of each lamp.


4. Can be connected to 220V mains for a long time lighting, but also direct use of generating units power supply; the use of generating units once filled with fuel for up to 13 hours of continuous working hours.

5. Adopt adjustable triangular bracket, easy to fix, retractable convenience, suitable for a variety of terrain. With a light weight, easy to carry, wide range of applications and so on.


6. If the standard configuration of this product can not meet the needs of customers, our company can be in the lamp plate number, power, floodlight or condenser type, the height of the expansion cylinder and the generator with the customer requirements to do To adjust to meet the individual needs of customers.


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