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LED Explosion -proof flood light

Anti-glare shed lights

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Product Description

Applicable places

Widely used in gas stations, railways, factories and mines, power plants, workshops and other indoor and outdoor fixed lighting use.

Applicable to a variety of non-explosion-proof places fixed lighting

Performance characteristics

1.The use of efficient gas discharge lamp to do light, and through advanced light distribution design and special process, the light is soft and uniform, no glare, the average life of more than 10,000 hours;

2.The use of high-strength aluminum alloy shell and optimized structural design, with strong impact and impact resistance.

3.High-tech surface coating technology, protection class to IP65, to ensure that lamps in the harsh environment does not corrode, no rust;

4.Two kinds of light distribution design, one of which is symmetrical light distribution design, the other for the asymmetric light distribution design, according to different lighting needs to choose.

5.Independent of the cavity structure design, thermal performance, and greatly improve the life of the lamp;

6.Easy to maintain, simple; compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation, can be embedded and ceiling and other installation methods;

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage: AC220V 50HZ

Rated power: 70W 100W 150W

Suitable light source: MH gas discharge lamp, HPS gas discharge lamp

Case protection: IP65

Corrosion grade: WF2

Insulation class: I

Thread of inlet thread: G3 / 4

Emergency lighting time:> 45min

Charging time: <20h

Introduced cable: Φ8mm ~ Φ12mm

Dimensions: Φ300mm × 300mm × 230mm

Total weight: 5.1kg




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