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LED Explosion -proof flood light

Anti-glare emergency lights

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Product Description

Applicable places

Applicable to the plant, the station and a variety of large-scale facilities, venues and tunnels, roads and roads and other places for the road, channel flood lighting use.

Performance characteristics

1.The use of protective angle design and mirror coating technology to achieve anti-glare effect, can effectively reduce the operation, the eyes of the construction workers to stimulate, to avoid not suitable for fatigue;

2.High light efficiency, long life gas discharge light source, power factor greater than 0.9, high luminous efficiency, good light transmission;

3.Special sealing box surface coating treatment to ensure that the lamps in the damp, high temperature and other harsh environments never corrosion, never rust;

4.Seat, ceiling and wall-mounted and other installation methods, the angle of exposure according to environmental needs in the upper and lower 180 ° range of regulation.

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage: AC220V 50HZ

Rated power: 70W 100W 150W

Suitable light source: MH gas discharge lamp, HPS gas discharge lamp

Case protection: IP65

Corrosion grade: WF2

Insulation class: I

Thread of inlet thread: G3 / 4

Introduced cable: Φ8mm ~ Φ12mm

Dimensions: Φ341mm × 270mmm × 210mm

Total weight: 5.7kg




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