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LED Explosion -proof flood light

Long life ceiling lamps

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Product Description

Applicable places

Applicable to all kinds of factories, workshops, cabin and other places for indoor lighting

Applicable to platform, corridor, channel and outdoor places for flood lighting

Performance characteristics

1.The use of new non-polar fluorescent light as a light source, can achieve instantaneous cold start and hot start;

2.Light power factor> 0.95, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, environmental protection, energy saving, good display, no flicker, no glare, can effectively avoid the staff discomfort and fatigue, improve work efficiency

3.Light source life of up to 80,000 hours or more, in the product life cycle without the need to replace the light source;

4. Light body selection of aviation alloy materials, using the latest surface spray technology, dust, water, corrosion, no fading, no rust, to ensure reliable work in the long outdoor;

5.Transparent material for the import of bullet-proof plastic, light transmission rate is good, high strength, corrosion resistance, excellent seismic performance;

6.Simple, generous, small size, light weight;

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage: AC220V 50HZ

Rated power: 40W 50W

Suitable light source: Electromagnetic induction lamp

Case protection: IP65

Corrosion grade: WF2

Insulation class: I

Thread of inlet thread: G3 / 4

Introduced cable: Φ8mm ~ Φ12mm

Dimensions: Φ367mm × 286mm × 135mm

Total weight: 4.0kg




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