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LED Explosion -proof floodlight

Explosion proof floodlight 100W120W gas station

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High-efficient constant current driving power supply cooperates with the intelligent power regulator to make the LED light source more stable. Moreover, it can possess with over-voltage protection, over current protection, and sudden wave current protection.

The sealing ring of type O is waterproof and dustproof to protect electric appliances.

Exposed fasteners are equipped with stainless steel of high anti-corrosion, which is durable.

The shell of explosion-proof lamp is shaped up by adopting aluminums alloy in high pressure casting. The surface gets shot blasting, and obtains spraying plastics in static electricity, which effectively improves the cooling performance of the shell.

The shell surface is provided with the air flow dispersion groove, which can carry heat away in virtue of air motion;


The radiating fin possesses with high density, which can enormously enhance the area of heat dissipation, fully guarantee the heat dissipation requirements of LED, and ensure a longer service life.

Its unique light distribution design makes lighting scope is bigger.

No glare, to have good luminous efficiency and well color rendering.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor large area lighting

hanging type, ceiling type installation method.


It adopts flameproof glass, prevent stroke, explosion-proof, anti-throw, good pervious to light.

The single power of LED is 1~3W in DC drive. The driving voltage of single tube is 3~3.5A and the electric current is 0.35~1A with fast reaction speed and high frequency operation. In the case of the same lighting effect, the power consumption is 1/8 of the white light bulb, and 1/2 of the fluorescent tube.


LED light source is in small volume and light weight, which is coated with epoxy. Furthermore, it can withstand high strength mechanical shock and vibration and it is not easy to break. Theoretical lifespan can reach to 100,000 hours, which can greatly reduce the maintenance costs of the lighting and avoid frequent changes.

[technology parameters] 

Type: GMD 97

Ex-mark: Exd II CT6 Gb

Input Voltage: AC90~270V

Rated Power:100W  120W 140W 150W

Power Factor:0.98

Luminous Flux of LED: 10000~15000Lm

IP Grade :   IP66

Corrosion-proof Grade:WF2

Cable Entry: G3/4" in general, suitable for cables of Φ10mm~Φ14mm

Terminal Block: wires≤2.5mm²

Color Temperature:5500K

Luminous Efficacy:>90lm/W

[Quality Assurance]


This product is strictly taken quality control according to the standard of IS9001: 2000 international quality management system and is designed and produced in accordance with the national new explosion-proof criteria. Our company shall give free services and repairs to this product under any trouble if the product is in normal use within three years after the purchase 


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