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Explosion-proof warning light

The explosion-proof sound light alarm lamp 90dB BBJ

  • ModelBBJ
  • BrandGUANMN
  • Specs160mm×205mm

Product Description


[Applicable scope

It is widely used in  oil drilling, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry and other dangerous environment and Marine oil platform, oil tankers and other places for general illumination lighting and assignments;

It is applicable for energy-saving reform projects and locations where are difficult to overhaul or    replace;

It is applicable for damp locations where have high protection requirements.

It is applicable for zone 1 and zone 2 in explosive gas atmosphere;

It is applicable for explosive gas atmosphere CAT. ⅡA ,B andC ;

It is applicable for temperature groups T1-T6.

Cast aluminum alloy shell, the surface electrostatic spraying plastic;

Toughened glass lamp shade, has strong impact resistance.

High corrosion resistance stainless steel exposed fasteners.

Used as a sign or signal to the top of the building.

Configuration LED light source, high brightness, long life work.

Steel pipe or cable wiring can be.

[technology parameters] 

Type: BBJ

Ex-mark: ExedBT6/DIP A20 TA,T6

Rated Voltage: AC220V 50Hz(if there are special requirements, please specify)

IP Grade :   IP66

Corrosion-proof GradeWF1 *WF2

Flash frequency150 times/min

Sound intensity90dB

Cable Entry: G3/4" in general, suitable for cables of Φ10mm~Φ14mm

Terminal block: wires2.5mm²

Installation : Seat type /Pendant

Net Weight1.7kg



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