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LED Explosion-Proof Light Information

What types of LED explosion-proof flat lamp shell are used for offshore oil platform?

 Explosion-proof lamps are divided into the following categories according to their structure


1.Flameproof, can withstand the internal explosion gas mixture to produce the maximum explosion pressure of 1.5 times, to ensure that no deformation or damage, do not produce permanent deformation, and has a certain structure to make the clearance by some of the products of combustion, ejecting flange length cooled to under external explosive mixture combustion temperature, achieve the goal of explosion-proof.


2.Increased safety type, a series of safety measures are adopted in the equipment, so that it will not produce electric spark, arc or dangerous temperature within the maximum limit, in order to achieve the purpose of explosion protection.


3. For the positive pressure type, fill the air inside the equipment to ensure that the pressure of internal protective gas is higher than the surrounding, so as to avoid explosive mixture entering the shell, or enough protective gas passing through the shell to reduce the concentration of internal explosive mixture below the lower limit of explosion.


4.No spark type, under normal operating conditions will not ignite the surrounding explosive mixture, and generally will not occur with ignition failure of the electrical equipment is called no spark type.


5. Dust type: explosive and combustible material that can produce dust cloud or dust layer in the normal process of processing and production. When mixing with air to reach a certain concentration, the shell with dense dust type must be selected to prevent dust from entering the shell.



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