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LED Explosion-Proof Light Information

How to install the oil depot in uae?LED explosion-proof lamp housing?

 Want to be the key to a explosion-proof LED lighting lamps shell products have several parts, popular said is light distribution, structure, electronic, and light distribution, structure, electronic expressed as professionally. Optical properties, thermal properties, electrical properties. At the same time, the light distribution is particularly important, don't understand the light distribution, can't do it better LED lighting, determine who LED encapsulation structure. Then consider how to adapt to these packaging format. By we don't have much choice, optical structure is built on these packages.


Lighting LED luminous efficiency and the supply of power is one of the keys to the LED industry, at the same time, the LED heat dissipation problem of PN junction temperature and shell is particularly important. The PN junction temperature and the lamp body temperature difference, the greater the less the greater the thermal resistance, light energy is converted into heat energy consumed in vain, serious when the LED damage. A good structure engineer, should not only consider the thermal resistance of the structure and the LED lamps and lanterns, but also the appearance of lamps and lanterns is reasonable, fashion, novelty, practicability and reliability and maintainability and, of course, is to stand in the perspective of the designer to think, he shall also stand to consider the product in the user's point of view.


1. Shortest heat transfer path, reducing heat conduction resistance.


2. Increase mutual conduction area and heat transfer speed.


3.Reasonably calculate and design the heat dissipation area.


4.Effective utilization of heat capacity effect.


At present, the main application technology is to use aluminum substrate to package, but aluminum substrate packaging chip heat dissipation and light conversion efficiency are technical core bottlenecks, can not effectively control the junction and maintain a stable high power of light output, and the application will because the chip light efficiency is higher.



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