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Explosion-proof Knowledge

Workshop factory lighting selection LED explosion-proof mining lamp with those precautions?

 Buy LED explosion-proof mining lamp mainly to seize the long life, energy saving and energy-saving two points.


1. In the choice of explosion-proof lamps first determine their own lighting, the number of tile, how much power led explosion-proof mining lamp to meet the use, to meet their own requirements LED explosion-proof lights, brightness will affect the user experience, if they do not understand You can find some people to understand, or we can provide the lighting design, to help you meet the requirements of the lighting LED explosion-proof lamps.


     2, the choice of high-quality LED explosion-proof mining lights, including high-quality power supply and high-quality radiator. High-quality power: also to study the lighting provided by the power supply, so you can decide whether to use constant voltage constant current controller, The ballast to produce power grid, accompanied by noise and light intensity instability, and will not cause eye fatigue.As LED explosion-proof mining lamp heat, need a good heat dissipation material. General use of aluminum alloy materials, and LED explosion-proof mining lamp Ordinary heavy mining lamp heavy, the structure must meet the LED cooling specifications to ensure that the light source life.


3. Choose a good LED explosion-proof mining lamp manufacturers is essential, in fact, expensive and expensive, of course, the power of the lamp, the chip, the heat is good or bad affect the life of LED explosion-proof lights, choose high quality early investment costs higher , The latter part of the more economical LED explosion-proof lamps is definitely value for money.



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