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LED Explosion-Proof Light Information

LED explosion-proof lights of the three structures

  LED explosion-proof lights in three parts, light (LED), power (constant current drive), shell (heat section)


  These three parts, any part of a problem, the life of the lamp will be a problem, determine the life of a product is not calculated by the longest, but by the shortest part of the calculation, the three parts, the most vulnerable , But also the layman is the most do not understand is the power (constant current drive) part.


  Power supply (constant current drive) hereinafter referred to as power, LED light source is a direct current, white light generally with 3-3.6V low voltage direct current, so the need to 220V AC current into a suitable LED current and voltage, power is dry this.


  LED lights in the process of light, there will be a lot of heat, and heat and in turn affect the LED chip, resulting in its current increases, the current increases, the heat is even greater, the vicious cycle, so LED lights are used Constant current control, that is no matter how much your temperature, my power is out of this current, so that it will not vicious cycle, so the power part is very important, is the most important part of LED lamp life.



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