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LED Explosion-Proof Light Information

The advantage of explosion-proof double tube fluorescent lamp in coal mining

More and more LED lamps with explosion-proof dual-tube fluorescent lamps have replaced traditional lighting lamps and are used in lighting display, chemical industry, gas stations and filling stations.


Flameproof double tube fluorescent lamp has environmental protection, long life, high efficiency and energy saving, high color display, no strobe, no ultraviolet, no mosquito, instant start.


The fluorescent lamp is composed of two parts: lamp and junction box. At both ends of the lamp, the shell is made of cast aluminum alloy, and the surface is sprayed with plastic.


When replacing the lamp tube, disconnect the power supply first, then open the end cover, disconnect the safety power plug, and take out the wick part as a whole. After moving the lamp tube to the spring side, the lamp tube can be removed.


Fluorescent lamp as the complex structure, lamps and lanterns is the main chamber to the flameproof structure, joint XianQiang for increased safety. Junction box for the flameproof, cable adopts direct introduction method, cable entry device from inside to outside, in turn, is equipped with seal, pressure washer and nut, suitable for cable or steel pipe wiring. Junction box is equipped with grounding screw, lamps and lanterns is equipped with an external screw.



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