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Safety and energy-saving explosion-proof lamps






In zone 1, zone 2, IIA, IIB, IIC and T1-T6 group explosive gas environment.

Apply to the factory, especially in power plant boiler plant and steel plant lights a variety of wet place of indoor and outdoor lighting.


Ambient temperature of 30 ~ + 40 , and the average temperature is not more than 24 h + 35 ;

The lamp is mainly composed of high quality Aluminum Alloy die casting shell, explosion-proof glass, electric light, reflective glass component, silicone gasket, stainless steel fittings etc.

Wiring cavity, cable to cable introducing device, Pressure of silicone seal way achieve explosion-proof, protection design requirements

The electrical cavity, easy raw device heating with high quality heat grease and the heat radiating plate combination, the original devices directly emit heat into the lamp shell, Moisture proof, anticorrosion, low power consumption, energy efficient, overvoltage, short circuit protection function.

Aluminum substrate by high quality thermal conductive silicone, close to the heat dissipation shellsUsing heat conduction way to accelerate the thermal conductivity to the radiating surface, effectively guarantee the LED efficient heat dissipation.

The high borosilicate glass lens is made of high quality material and advanced optical design principle.

The lamp adopts carefully designed three independent cavity structure, effectively reduce the effects of the rise of temperature of the light source cavity of electronic drive, and ensure longevity of lamps and lanterns;

Lighting design fully consider the field of explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof requirements. The part between the use of IIC level protection structure, safe and reliable;

Combination between surface are placed O type silicon rubber sealing ring, protection grade up to IP66, protective performance is strong;

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