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Corrosive environment - proof lamp






Professional heat insulation technologyspecial insulation materials, heat conduction effectively, to ensure that products work reliably.


Using a special constant current power supplyWide voltage input, constant power output, with constant current and open circuit protection, short circuit protection, and other functions

Pure proof structure, stop mouth flame-proof and thread form of flame-proof, explosion-proof performance more reliable.

Professional design of light distribution system,

high light efficiency, high utilization, reasonable light distribution, uniform illumination.

Light source cavity, the power supply cavity,  wiring cavity three chambers separated structure.

Introduced by indirect way, with independent wiring cavity;

Patent design of internal structure; ensure the normal work in bad condition;

Aluminum die-casting shell, the surface electrostatic spray;

High corrosion resistance of stainless steel exposed fasteners

High borosilicate physical transparent toughened glass coveratomization anti-dazzle designResistant to heat fusiontransparent rate up to 90%.

Patent structure design, rotary terminals, side fastening, convenient wiring and maintenance. And with locking, shock, and other functions;

Patent cylindrical heat dissipation structure, between the light source cavity and the power supply cavity set up air convection holes, use the air circulation, and emits light source cavity heat effectively, ensuring the life of the lamps and lanterns plant work.

Special internal earthing system structure of safety, shell connected with the internal components for earth; ensure the safety of grounding products reliable and use.

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